Our culinary team building cooking classes are more popular than ever! Get out of your office and into our kitchen for a team bonding experience everyone will enjoy. There is no better way to make friends, bond and build memories than those you cook and dine with.

Here Is How Our Team Building Is Designed

  • All events start on the hour. We ask that the whole team arrives 20-30 minutes prior to the start time of the class. 

  • The event is 2.5-3 hours long. Additional time can be added on for an additional cost. 

  • The first 30 minutes Chef Chinchilla demonstrates and teaches the base of how to make the dish. Each team will be given all of the tools necessary and a secret tray of ingredients. They are expected to work together following Chef's instruction. We ask them to use their creativity to modify the dish all while depending on each other to make it their own. Teams of 3-6 guests work together for 75 minutes to complete their tasks. 

  • After 75 minutes each team will present one nicely plated dish (the best they can of course) to Chef Chinchilla. 

  • Each team will be judged based on the following criteria: how well they listened and followed Chef's instruction, how well they work together, their creativity, the taste and the plating/presentation of their dish. 

  • You can have one winner overall or a variety of categories. The company is welcome to provide a prize/prizes to the winners. 

Popular Competition Menu's

1. Chili & Corn Bread
2. Empanadas  
3. Gourmet Tacos 
4. Homemade Pasta + Chicken Piccata or Meatballs
5. Filet Mignon + Roasted Potatoes + Seasonal Veggie  
6. Jumbalaya + Bread Pudding
7. Charcuterie Board
8. Guacamole + Margarita's
9. Tapas + Sangria

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