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Culinary Garden Design

Services & Consulting 


Welcome friend! My name is Chef Stephanie Chinchilla.  Im a trained Chef by trade & a self taught garden girl. I am in Zone 10B & our home garden is 3 years old & thriving! If you are interested in starting your own garden at home I would love to help you.


I have spent 1000's of hours reading books & watching YouTube videos to learn, and significantly more time than that out in my garden hands on learning through trial and error. I KNOW from experience I will certainly save you a lot of tears, effort, time & money helping guide you to get started. You don't have to figure it out! Im here to help. 


I can teach you about: 

Soil Testing

Fertilyzers & different amendments

Growing from seeds or plants

Garden zones & frost dates

Who to follow & learn from

Garden budgets

I can help you select:

Garden Beds

Soil (it matters a lot)

Where to order seeds

What fruit trees to get & why it matters

What not to get because its a waste of money

Self watering system


My Favorite Reasons Why I Love Gardening

1. It gets me outside and in the sunshine consistently which is an excellent source of Vitamin D & a mental health booster

2. It's a daily dose of silence. The garden provides the peace and quite to think alone

3.  I love delayed gratification. Planting seeds and reaping the harvest months later brings a sense of pride from hard work 

4. I want my children to grow up outside and learning to work hard. Having our garden at home teaches them that. 

5. Food straight from the garden tastes different & better. Don't believe me? I dare you to try!

Community Kitchen Garden
Urban Gardening
Urban Gardening

What To Grow

Whether you want an herb wall, garden beds, a citrus grove, espalier fruit trees, a berry patch or a pumpkin patch, I can design & set it up for you. 

Culinary Garden Design Consultation Rate
$150/Hour, 3 Hour Minimum/Day

Are you interested in starting a garden? Im here to help. I offer private consultations and garden design services. 

Chicken Coop Design
& Set Up 

$150/Hour, 3 Hour Minimum/Day
Or Send An Inquiry For A Project Rate

Are you interested in getting chickens? I can help you design & start your coop & teach you what you need to know to have healthy happy hens. 

Culinary Garden Design Project Rate
Schedule A Free 15 Minute Consultation

Want a price for me to design your garden start ot finish? Schedule a free consultation appointment to get an estimate. During the appointment Ill ask you a handful of questions to help give you an accurate estimate.

Culinary Garden Kit

Coming Soon

Live Virtual
Gardening Class  

I host live gardening classes a few times a year. Subscribe to be notified when tickets to garden classes are available to book.

Culinary Garden Kit

Coming Soon

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