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Cooking Classes For Home Cooks Who REALLY Want To Learn To Cook

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Welcome Foodie! Im so glad you are here. 
For years my guests have asked me to offer more cooking classes. So, I designed cooking classes in the way I think will be best for you to REALLY learn to cook. Each class is very thorough & honestly, they are better than in person classes for many reasons. Here's why:
1. Nothing is missed. Each class is carefully thought through, filmed and written so you learn every single step. In person, you are very likely to miss something thats being taught & the instructor will also likely not say every little detail & it is almost impossible for you to absorb every detail being taught verbally one time. Here you have access to watch and rewatch each time you make it. Its like having a personal teacher right there every time you have a question. 
2. My classes will save you a lot of time by cutting through the time the dish actually takes in person. Seeing the process quickly really helps you understand the big picture first. Many dishes Im teaching take hours & days of preparation that are not realistic to learn hands on in person. Online classes allow you to see every single step, and all the extra time & busy work is edited out. This in turn will save you a lot of frustration learning through trial and error.
3. You can watch and rewatch the classes whenever you want. This way whenever you go to make it on your own, you have something credible and detailed to reference as many times as needed. Online classes are filmed up close so you can view the dish while its being made to allow you to know if you are doing it right. One of the most annoying things when you are learning is having to "figure it out" as you go and hope for the best. Now, you don't have to, because I've produced an amazing learning tool just for YOU!
4. The VALUE & SAVINGS in these classes is CRAZY good. The amount you would spend on a class in person is significantly more expensive. My on demand classes also saves since you can get one class and take it with your kids or spouse and you are only paying for one class. Let's be real here, in person classes are costly and not everyone can afford them. It was important to me to find a way to offer culinary education resources that offer immense value & are affordable for all. On demand cooking classes was the perfect solution.
6. I want you to know Im here to help. Classes are online, but I want to actively participating in your growth interactively. I want nothing more than to really teach you to cook & guide you on your journey. Please DM me on Instagram or email me anytime with questions.
7. Im here for the long haul! If you have requests of something you would like to learn let me know! I will regularly be adding new classes. 
8. Classes are yours to keep. Once you have them they will remain in your account when you log in. 
Message me anytime
INSTAGRAM: @ChefStephanieChinchilla

Classes are now available for individual purchase, so you can sign up for just the classes you want!

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