We believe the power of culinary arts can create a heightened state of emotion that deeply moves a person. We focus on inspiring a strong desire that ignites passion within the everyday home cook + wine lover while providing an approachable and comfortable environment to learn. In the end, we deeply desire to develop the Culinary Culture where the farmer, wine enthusiast, Chef + the community are all united on a personal level. 

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Welcome to my website! My name is Chef Stephanie Chinchilla and I absolutely love what I do. Allow me to provide a brief history that will let you get to know me! I discovered my immense passion for cooking at a very young age. I have wonderful parents that encouraged and fostered my natural talent and provided me with the necessary tools to stretch my creative muscles and practice to my heart's content! On through the years, I continued to enjoy  the process of learning, experimenting and developing my skills, which led me to start a more traditional culinary education at my local community college at 14 years old. My culinary journey continued recreationally for the next 10 years, overlapping with college courses and after changing my major 3 times, I decided to marry my passion for culinary arts with the purpose I now find in my work. The next years were devoted to a highly focused plan with a very specific goal in mind: To teach the everyday home cook and make them feel at home in their kitchen. I completed a Culinary Arts course in Professional Baking, a Pro Chef's Series in Los Angeles, and I was also fortunate to have been taught by Chef Brian Polcyn the Art of Butchery as well as other talented Chefs from the Culinary Institute of America. Lastly, a few years before I launched the company in 2015, I completed a one year business entrepreneurship program. 


My husband and I have a burning passion for travel and we always make time to immerse ourselves in the culture, observe and learn from the locals. What's my favorite thing to cook? That is an easy answer! My favorite dish will always be something I have never made before; I love constantly challenging myself!

"We look forward to meeting you, enjoying wine with you, dining with you and becoming friends with you."  


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