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  • Without shipments is a flat rate of $1500 (up to 95 guests on our network, or endless on yours)
  • Shipments range from $90-$500. Send an inquiry with your ideal budget and I'll send kits that fit within your range. If you don't see something listed that you want, feel free to ask. We can always create something special for you. 
  • Final head count is due upon booking so we can order in bulk, as it helps keep our costs to you low. If you wish to have additional guests last minute, we will do our best to supply the items needed for additional kits.
  • Our virtual events are held in our newly designed culinary film studio, with professional media lighting, cameras and mics.
  • Live events are held on our Zoom account. We can host them on your Microsoft Teams or Zoom account as well. We schedule a prep call the day before your event. The day of your event we are on one hour before the start time to check lighting and sound. We stay on for up to an hour after the event to engage, answer questions. We launch poll questions throughout the event that are pertinent to encourage engagement from guests. You can request for the event to be recorded, poll results and/or an attendance list.
  • All kits ordered are to be used for the same event. Leftover kits will be shipped to an address you provide and you can gift/use them how you see fit.
  • Bulk discounts are offered with 100 or more guests for the same experience/curated gift that is on the same event/shipping date.
  • For standard shipping, in order to guarantee delivery before an event date, we must be given an excel sheet file with all of the guests shipment info no later than 15 days prior to the event. If we receive shipping info in less that 15 days, packages could still arrive in time, but not guaranteed.
  • For perishable shipping, in order to guarantee delivery before an event date, we must be given an excel sheet file with all of the guests shipment info (phone number and emails required for perishable shipments) no later than 15 days before an event. Perishable shipments only go out on Monday or Tuesdays. Upon booking, Chef will give you an exact date addresses are needed by. 
  • We recommend wine & perishable goods to be shipped separately. The reason is that wine must be signed for (there is no legal way around this), and it is common for drivers to have to re-deliver a shipment multiple times. This runs the risk of the perishable food not sustaining past the 1-2 day shipping limit. If you select to ship the wine and food together, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE that the food will sustain past the two day shipping if they have to attempt delivery again.
  • We do not sell wine. We have partnered with a local wine store who supplies and ships the wine to your guests. The cost you pay for all fees plus the wine & wine shipments is a flat rate cost from them, and included in the fee listed for simplicity. 
  • Wine cannot be shipped into: Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, New Hampshire. For guests living in these states
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