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Welcome everyone! My name is Chef Stephanie Chinchilla and I am the owner and host of the virtual events. Let me tell you a little bit about our virtual wellness event. We have combined my cooking skills alongside the knowledge of a certified health & wellness coach to help guide you and your team to a more health driven lifestyle. We are excited to encourage, teach and go on this journey of wellness together!

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or Call (949)478-3066

Here is a quick message from Karina...

Hello there! My name is Karina and as far back as my early teens, I was making“health my hobby”. I can recall packing a school lunch consisting of homemade granola and yogurt, passionately reading my mom’s books on nutrition,(she went through a phase in the early 90’s when my family moved to PalmSprings) and exercising at the Gold’s Gym near my house, when most kids my age were, well, I don’t know what they were doing; but I was enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle! I am rather odd, I know. I used to read the dictionary too if that helps put my youth into perspective for you. Oh, wait, I still do that! :) After years in the wonderful world of restaurant hospitality, in a magical, rainy land called Seattle, it was time for me to move back to Cali. My folks are“up there”in age and I wanted to be close for the final leg of their race.I began working with Stephanie and got swooped up indifferent aspects of the culinary world and found myself falling in love with food and cooking in a whole new way. So, perhaps it is all that vitamin D from the sun or Orange County’s love for acai bowls but the fire for health and wellness was reignited and it has only burned brighter with each passing day. I also believe that a variety of other factors play a role in our overall well-being. Make funny faces in front of the mirror, practice gratitude, take long walks and stare at the petals on a flower! Most of all, be present in the moments that make this life so beautiful! Okay, back to Earth... I chose Dr. Sear’s Wellness Institute to receive my Health Coach Certification for many reasons. The big one? The program is entirely science based with not a“fad diet”in sight. The focus is on our personal empowerment, to use diet and exercise, as preventative medicine. All for that! I am enthralled by the inner workings of the human body and its inherent capabilities to heal itself and thrive, when given a rainbow of healthy foods and regular “movement”. I want my clients to experience real, lasting results and build good, consistent habits in order too obtain an enjoyable lifestyle they can carry with them into their bright, vitaminD and acai bowl, futures!My health, and yours, is my hobby. ~ Karina

Health Shake

Popular Focus Topics:

1. Overall Health & Wellness

2. Diet (not dieting)

3. Physical Activity 

4. Mental Health

We will combine the above topics with a few healthy dishes that will help support your goal, focus and intention. I will teach how to make the dish, and Karina will explain how those particular ingredients with help your health. 

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