I am excited you are here! My name is Stephanie Chinchilla. I am the the owner of Chef Chinchilla Inc (open for 6 years)  & Culinary Culture Company (started in 2020). Next to me in this picture is my very supportive and talented hubby, Sommelier Alvaro Chinchilla. Don't we make the perfect "pairing", get it? (he he he) I know, I know...I'll stop being cheesy. 

Let me tell you a bit about what part I play in all of the virtual events. To start, when you are ready to book I will be the one personally working with you directly to plan the entire event. All events are very clearly organized and I pride myself on excelling in clear communication. Once you experience just one event with us, you will sleep soundly at night knowing all of your virtual events with us will be made easy as our events are very well orchestrated. 


All events are held here in our newly built out kitchen studio, which was recently designed in January 2021 exclusively for our private corporate virtual experiences.


Production is far above your wildest expectations with full movie production cameras, studio lighting, production mics & high functioning software.


All gift packages sent to each attendee are carefully designed with clear instructions to every guest for what to expect and how to prepare for the event.  


Call Chef Chinchilla for details, minimums & pricing


1. Homemade Bread Gift Box

  • Includes: proofing basket, danish dough hook, yeast, bread flour, dough scraper, bread lame, thermometer, apron, recipes

  • Guests do not need to go purchase anything for this lesson.


2. The Perfect Steak + 2 sides Gift Box

  • Includes: cast iron pan, meat thermometer, oven thermometer, apron, a few non perishable                    ingredients needed to make the dishes, recipes

  • Guests need to purchase their steak, as well as the needed ingredients depending on the sides you select to make. The steak can be shipped for $100 per person, serving for 2. (Steak ships separately)

3. Homemade Cheesecake Gift Box

  • Includes: a springform pan, graham cracker crumbs, vanilla, apron, recipes


  • Guests need to purchase cream cheese, butter and eggs. 

4. Tacos & Homemade Tortillas & Salsa Gift Box

  • Includes masa (corn flour), dried chilis, dried herbs, apron, recipes


  • Guests need to purchase the meat for the tacos, onion, cilantro, and tomatoes or tomatillos.

5. Homemade Pasta Gift Box

  • Includes semolina & flour, rolling pin, jarred San Marzano tomato sauce, tomato paste, dried herbs.


  • Guests need to purchase eggs.

6. Homemade Pizza Gift Box 

  • Includes flour, yeast, jarred San Marzano tomato sauce, tomato paste, dried herbs.

  • Guests need to purchase cheese & other toppings.

7. Inquire For All Other Options: sushi, enchiladas, healthy cooking, poke, tamales, empanadas

  • We can create and make happen almost any menu you want.

Click here to see our full sample menu page 

Chef Chinchilla in St Emilion France


Cookie Kit's Can Be A Live Event With Instruction or Just Sent As A Gift 

Call Chef Chinchilla For Details (949)478-3066




All cookie kits include:

  • Either 4 (3D)or 6 or 12 cookies 2 inch cookies

  • 3 different shades of frosting in small plastic baggies for easy snip & design decorating 

  • 1 standard sparkle, 1 sand sparkle & 1 specialty sparkle

  • 1 mini offset spatula & cookie scriber

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